Our Process

We require the Demand Letter from First Party indicating the required categories, salary offered, terms & conditions. With years of service, we have gained a reputed name in the recruitment market & a strong job bank. We also have a good network locally with Trade Test centre, Government, Private Institutions, Hotels, Sub Agents etc to source the required categories within the shortest time frame. The shortlisted candidates will face a screening interview by our HR Team to assess their suitability to the First Party’s requirements.

1.Our Shortlisting Process

  • CVs are shortlisted based on Job Description given by our client.
  • Resume & certificates will be cross-checked by our HR Team.
  • Skilled & Semi Skilled candidates will be sent for trade test to a government-approved trade test centre to be assessed in regard to their skill level. Candidates who receive A or B grade will be email attached to our client’s reference.

2.Medical Process

  • The selected candidate will be sent for medical to GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association)which will allocate the medical clinc to the candidate. Medical processing generally requires 3 days.

3. Enjaz Process

  • After obtaining the medical report from the medicalclinc. Our Visa Officer will arrange to submit the documents of the selected candidates to Enjaz which will generate a E- Number which is required to be submitted with the passport of the selected candidate to the Royal Saudi Embassy.

  • Please note that the Enjaz process is only applicable to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4.Embassy Process

  • After completion of Enjaz process, the passport of the selected candidate is handed over to the Royal Saudi Embassy with the documents required for visa stamping.

5.Ticket Booking Process

  • If the client is providing the ticket, then we will inform the client for ticket booking.

  • If the client requires us to book the ticket, we will inform our travel agent to arrange the tickets. The client will be informed on receipt of ticket from travel agent. A reminder notification will also be sent to the client for airport pickup a day before the candidate’s flight.

6.Departure Approval Process

  • It is required by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) which is the assigned Labour Office by the Government of Sri Lanka for every Sri Lankan who is leaving the Island to register themselves with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. This is a mandatory process as the Sri Lankan Immigration will not allow any candidates who are not registered with the SLBFE to leave the country